Above Picture: A Wandering Albatross pair interacts near the weather station on Marion Island; photograph by Stefan Schoombie

BirdLife South Africa‘s weekly webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations’ on 16 November hosted Tegan Carpenter-Kling and Stefan Schoombie who shared their experiences of living and working on South Africa’s sub-Antarctic Marion Island in the southern Indian Ocean.  Their illustrated talks describe some of the research they undertook on the island’s seabirds, including on ACAP-listed albatrosses and giant petrels towards their PhDs.

A recording of the talk, Conservation Conversations: Tegan Carpenter-Kling and Stefan Schoombie – Seabirds on Marion Island, can be viewed below:

The Mouse-Free Marion Project aims to eradicate the island’s seabird-killing House Mice in 2024, thus allowing the albatrosses and giant petrels described in the talks to breed unhindered by a terrestrial predator once more.  You can support the MFM Project by sponsoring a hectare here.

John Cooper, News Correspondent & Member, Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Mouse-Free Marion Project, 25 November 2021