MFM NPC Fundraising Committee

The MFM NPC Fundraising Committee was established to ensure that the funds required to implement the project are raised. The committee is made up of people from around the world with considerable experience in fundraising, business and conservation. Nic Kohler serves as the chairperson of the MFM Fundraising Committee.

MFM NPC Fundraising Committee Members:

Mr Nic Kohler- Chair
Mr Mark D Anderson
Ms Robyn Adams
Mr Philip Calinikos
Dr Paul Dalmeyer
Ms Tarryn Havemann
Ms Manuela Krog
Ms Denise Landau
Dr Mavuso Msimang
Dr Frederik Paulsen
Ms Yvonne Pennington
Dr Guy Preston
Dr Michael Riffel
Mr Keith Springer
Dr Sue Tonin
Dr Anton Wolfaardt