Above Picture: Michael and Tom Riffel on Ou Kaapse Weg near Cape Town

Dr. Michael Riffel and his son Tom Riffel are keen birders and naturalists who say they love visiting new destinations.  With Michael being a zoologist and Tom currently finishing his studies in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science at the University of Suffolk in the UK, both have a deep passion for wildlife and its conservation.  Michael and Tom together founded the Germany-based non-profit Caring for Conservation Fund in 2018 with a mission to support and fund ground-based conservation partners worldwide.  The Fund advises and supports NGOs that are committed to the sustainable protection of species and habitats and the strengthening of local communities and supports them in the implementation of projects.  The C4C Fund has now helped the MFM Project with a most generous donation of USD 55 000 (equivalent to Rand 843 000).  [50 000 Euros = R 857 000]

Tom writes to MFM News of their recent visit to the waters around South Africa’s sub-Antarctic Marion Island: “After getting absolutely mind-blown by the sheer amount of pelagic birdlife on the recent Flock to Marion 2022 voyage, it became pretty clear that the Mouse-Free-Marion Project is of utmost importance and cannot be put on hold for another 10 years.  We both see the urgency of getting Marion mouse free so that its seabird breeding colonies do not experience further declines.”

The Riffels are keen to see the MFM Project make progress on its objectives and say the C4C Fund aims to give further support’ by all the means that it can from now on”.  While aboard the Flock to Marion voyage they sponsored 57 hectares (at R 1000/ha) to the project in their personal capacities, placing them in the “Giant Petrel” category and joining the prestigious group of only eight others who have sponsored over 50 hectares.

With grateful thanks to Michael and Tom Riffel and their Caring for Conservation Fund.  Caring indeed!

John Cooper, Mouse-Free Marion Project News Correspondent, 03 March 2022