Above Picture:  Incubating Wandering Albatrosses on their mud and vegetation nests on Marion Island, with Boot Rock looming offshore; photograph by Michelle Risi

Increasing awareness of the need to rid Marion Island of its introduced House Mice that have taken to killing the island’s seabirds is an important task for the Mouse-Free Marion Project as it works towards an eradication attempt in 2024.  One way to achieve this is over the airwaves, as reported here.

Mark Anderson, CEO of BirdLife South Africa, was interviewed by Rodney Trudgeon on “People of Note” on Fine Music Radio last month.  They spoke about birding and bird conservation in South Africa, including of the Mouse-Free Marion Project.  Four classical music pieces chosen by Mark were played in between their conversations.  Listen to Mark’s wide-ranging talk on the podcast.

Also last month, MFM Project Manager, Anton Wolfaardt spoke with Amy MacIver on Cape Talk radio about saving Marion’s seabirds from the introduced mice.  Listen to Anton’s interview here.

John Cooper, News Correspondent & Member, Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Mouse-Free Marion Project, 08 February 2022