The Mouse-Free Marion project is gaining increasing momentum, as we work towards an eradication operation in the austral winter of 2023. There remains a lot to do between now and then, and the project is seeking to recruit some key positions for the project. These provide an exciting opportunity to be part of the project team working towards restoring Marion Island and reclaiming it for its globally important seabirds.

We are calling for expressions of interest for the position of Operations Manager for the project. The primary responsibility of the Operations Manager will be to develop, update and implement the Operational Plan for the eradication of mice at Marion Island. The Operations Manager will work closely with the Project Manager and the Management Committee to lead the operational aspects of the project, including the actual eradication work on the island.

For more information on this opportunity, please download the document here.

Eradication operation underway at South Georgia, where both rats and mice were successfully eradicated by the South Georgia Heritage Trust

We are also calling for expressions of interest for the position of Communications Manager. The Communications Manager will assist the Project Manager and Management Committee in developing and delivering the communication aspects of the project. These include the creation and management of content for social media pages, the drafting of newsletters for donor and project stakeholders, the provision of website content updates, and public awareness campaign content and planning. The ideal candidate will have strong communications skills and experience, especially in the ecological and nature conservation fields, and be passionate about using their skills to help support the project’s goal of eradicating mice from Marion Island. Further information on this opportunity can be obtained here.

Lastly, we are seeking the services of a highly experienced fund-raising consultant or consultancy to help develop an effective fund-raising strategy for the project. We anticipate that this will involve a number of steps and components, which are outlined here.

If you are interested, and meet the specifications for the roles, we look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any enquiries, please direct them to the contact person listed in the relevant document for the specific position.

Click here to go the Mouse-Free Marion Vacancies Page

Grey-headed Albatross, Marion Island. Photo by Otto Whitehead


Anton Wolfaardt, 10 April 2021