The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) has a vision to champion the conservation of nature and wild places. There are currently over 150 members of this ‘not-for profit’ Association, stretching from Norway to Spain and from the UK across to the Czech Republic. As a charitable organisation directly funding specific projects, the association wants to show that the European outdoor industry is committed to putting something back into the environment, and all working together a real difference can be made.

Conservation bodies which Association members nominate can apply for grants of up to €50,000 for specific projects. The projects chosen are as wide-ranging as the members, with projects extending across many areas of the globe.

The Mouse-Free Marion Project has recently made it to the shortlist of the category ‘Wild Places’ and is in the final round to be awarded this funding which would contribute valuably to our final goal of eradicating mice on Marion Island.

To be awarded this grant, the projects go through a public voting phase which is now open and extends until the 26th of October. To help save Marion Island’s seabirds, we are asking MFM supporters to vote for the Mouse-Free Marion Project on the EOCA website.

Vote for the Mouse-Free Marion Project at the link below and please share widely with your network encouraging them to vote.




14 October 2022