Above Picture:  Runners pose with their presentation copies.  From left Sandra Bryant, Ingrid and Henri van der Merwe and Colette Rahme Borain; photograph by Jeremy George

The Rondebosch Rocky Road Runners consists of friends who enjoy running together, providing support and encouragement to each other in an attempt to remain fit, healthy and sane.  Last month it celebrated a member’s 75th birthday by sponsoring seven hectares towards eradicating Marion Island’s House Mice that kill seabirds.

Up the mountain. Rondebosch Rocky Road Runners gather predawn at the start of the run; photograph by Jeremy Clampett

Every summer the running group stages a 16-km run up to and around the dams on iconic Table Mountain, part of a World Heritage Site, followed by a bring-and-share brunch.  Delayed by COVID-19, this year’s mountain run took place in February, instead of the more usual early December.  At the brunch runners donated sufficient monies to sponsor a further three hectares, bringing the group’s total sponsorship to 10 hectares.  With this welcome increase, the Rondebosch Rocky Road Runners have attained “Rockhopper Penguin” status.

To thank the runners (who had already contributed at the birthday party) they were presented in appreciation with signed author’s copies of a coffee table book on Marion and Prince Edward Islands.

The Rondebosch Rocky Road Runners has issued a challenge to sponsor a hectare (or more) to the Mouse-Free Marion Project to other social groups, whether they exist for keeping fit, or not.


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John Cooper, Mouse-Free Marion Project News Correspondent, 22 February 2022