Above Picture: Maleen Hoekstra among King Penguins on Macquarie Island

Maleen Hoekstra first sponsored 50 hectares towards ridding Marion Island of its introduced mice back in September last year (click here).  At the time Maleen wrote to MFM News saying she would make a second sponsorship around year end.  She has now done so, increasing her total sponsorship from 50 to 75 hectares.  She writes of what motivated her to continue to be so generous:

“I am passionate about the sub-Antarctic islands and hope that they, and their inhabitants, will be preserved for many, many more years.  As they are so far from civilization, and few people are aware of the islands and the bird species that live and breed on them, and the problems caused by introduced species, I am happy to assist in their preservation in whatever way I can.”

“I wish to make all the seabirds of Marion Island happy, just like these Emperor Penguin chicks jumping for joy that I photographed in East Antarctica”

Maleen Hoekstra is not the only person to have made more than one sponsorship to the MFM Project.  The Mouse-Free Marion Project is most grateful for second sponsorships received from Roeloff Botha, Nigel Brothers, John Cooper, Beth Flint, Pamela and Neville Isdell and Tony Ivanoff, amongst a number of others.  Grateful thanks to them all.

John Cooper, News Correspondent & Member, Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Mouse-Free Marion Project, 02 February 2022